New Features


* Send To Tray - allows you to minimize the Desktop Satellite to the Windows Tray Icon. The satellite will continue to receive the latest weather data and let you know if there are any problems. A quick double-click of the mouse on the satellite icon will bring it back to the desktop and give you access to all its functionality.


* Quick Glance Weather - move your mouse over the Desktop Sattellite tray icon and info is displayed giving you the latest current weather temperature, wind, and barometer readings.

* Many More optimizations and fixes.


* My Alerts - now in addition to affiliate and National Weather Service Alerts, you can set up your own weather alerts and the Desktop Satellite will notify you when one of your alert conditions exists. From the preferences window, you can now set alert conditions for temperature, wind speed, and barometric pressure. Set an alert to let you know when the temperature drops below freezing, winds are gusting over 30 mph, or the barometer is falling, or whatever you want. As soon as the weather meets your alert criteria, a balloon pop-up appears to tell you what alert has occurred.


* Data Received / Data No Connect - the Desktop Satellite now shows you different icons depending on what the satellite is doing. When data is being received over the Internet, the icon will animate until the connection has been completed. You'll know instantly when the data has been updated.

And when there are problems with your Internet connection the satellite will display an error icon to let you know the weather data isn't able to be received.